Andi holds a Degree of Christian Studies from The Sure Foundation Theological Institute, a Marketing Administration Diploma from Seneca College, and an Advanced I Certificate from the Bob Rumble Center for the Deaf.

She edits two quarterly newsletters catering to librarians and retailers in the Canadian industry, has performed style editing on a business proposal and a nonfiction manuscript; and has generated various letters, bulletins media releases. For the past seven years she has been a member of The Word Guild, an organization for writers and editors and publishers, and she continues to support her own four novels and new manuscripts.

As Vizion Stories Ediitng, she is pursuing her editing and writing career catering to business and church organizations. Visit http://andiharris.wordpress.com/ for more information.



  1. hello andrea,i saw your email contact through the church convention bulletion,and thought i wouls check it out.your background cresentials are very impressive. you are very humble considering your accomplishments. the word guild seems like a very interesting organization.i wish you much success and blessings in your literary enseveaurs.please forgive my spelling as this keyboard is rather old. god bless robert

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