Posted by: rena | April 28, 2011


Truth is constant …

Truth is progressive …

It’s like seeing someone afar off; they haven’t moved, haven’t changed, you know who it is.

But, as you get closer other things are revealed: the color they’re wearing, their facial expression, exact details of their hair …

It had been like that before you got there …

Yes, you realize that now.

It was always there …

Always remained constant …

And as you get closer to it, what you couldn’t see, what you couldn’t discern before—TRUTH—is more revealed.

— — —

WELCOME to VizionStories Writes, where you see Zion (Vi-Zion) through ideas, thoughts, debates, lessons and theology. My aim is to help you see God in a new light, with a clearer understanding of His will and His Word.

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