Posted by: rena | March 27, 2011

Experience It

In the wake of a much anticipated snow storm, I was traveling to work when I saw a little girl with (assuming it was) her mother at a bus stop. To tell you the truth, I barely noticed the woman, it was the child that needed her own 15 minutes of fame on television.

The snow ploughs had done their jobs and piled the banks high on the far side of the bus stop. My little starlet was dressed in pink from head to toe, bound up, face wrapped in a white, wool scarf.

I might have missed her altogether if it hadn’t been for her movement. The child lay in the snow. Still. Within a second, she jerked and lifted her body, landing on her side. And again. Laying still.

The pink fluff manoeuvred to her knees, had another self-inflicted conniption and flopped like a fish in the piled snow, landing on her back again. Another flop and she was on her side.

I wanted to laugh. It wasn’t a display of a bad temper. The little girl was thoroughly enjoying the snow.

I last saw her stand to her feet, glance at her mother for a status check, then lose all structure to her body as she collapsed again in a still, crumpled mass on her side.

How many of us have an experience like that within the glory of God? Just abandon inhibition and, however you land, you land. How many of us can be free enough in our spiritual walk to enjoy God enough to cushion us after the storm, knowing he provided the storm in the first place and the opportunity for us to enjoy the aftermath?

The girl flopping in the snow, she had right. She had to experience it every which way.

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