Posted by: rena | February 27, 2011

God, Me, Stars

I was recently reminded (by myself) of a couple of quirky conversations I had that I wanted to share.

It was probably the third conversation I had with a co-worker regarding astrological signs. When she found out when my birthday was she said, “Oh, you’re a Scorpio,” to which I responded only that my birthday is October 27. She said, “Yeah, you’re a Scorpio.” I had to clarify and tell her that I don’t believe in those things, my birthday is on October 27, “Stars don’t rule my destiny,” I said, “the God who made the stars does.”

She then said, “God, stars, you.” I told her, “God, me, stars. I tell the stars what to do.”

I guess she started feeling uncomfortable, maybe she thought I was just being difficult or pigheaded to understand, because she left.

A few weeks later she brought up the subject again, reminding me of what I had said. This time, it became clear to me that some people are more caught up with the mystical and “fate” than they are with the strategy and direction from God.

Is it easier to say that this is your destiny because objects that can’t see or feel or hear or answer prayer say it is? For me it’s easier to say that this is my destiny because God said so. Why not cut right to the chase? God allows, God disallows, all for my good and his glory.

In the second conversation, my co-worker was perusing a newspaper and came across the horoscopes. “Scorpio, your ….,” whatever she went on with I didn’t hear and didn’t wait for her to finish, but I said, “No thanks, I’ve already prayed, I’m covered.” She hadn’t heard what I’d said so I repeated louder, and a few other people to heard. “No thanks, I’ve already prayed, I’m covered.” My co-worker answered with, “Oh, so did I, but you never know.” I was surprised, thinking, if you already went to the source why go to the shadow? I simply smiled and said, “I know.” She said something I couldn’t hear, and went back to work.

And that’s my question for you to ponder, if you’ve already gone to the source why go to a shadow? If you are a child of God (accepted him as your personal savior, relinquishing the things of the world, and living for him) then you have a crown of stars, but they’re there for your glory, not you for theirs!

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