Posted by: rena | September 27, 2010

… and Toes

The oil really is a healing balm, let it run down to reinforce the thighs, the knee joints, the calves, the ankles. It continues to run down, effervescent to you, spreading to your feet.

Jesus’ feet were anointed with a precious oil and then with tears of both relief and anguish.

Our journey will involve days of joy and sweet perfume, but also days of heartache and lamentation. The woman with the alabaster box cried tears of joy, but they only turned so after she underwent uncertainty of whether a perfect, holy God would forgive her.

Ever feel like that? Even as saints sometimes we encounter days when we wonder why El Shadai bothers to remain with us. Man. It’s so easy for us to say, do and simply think the wrong thing. The journey of Life is on our side only. God already sees the outcome and he loved you into his plan anyway.

At times we desire to be so saturated with this anointing that we wish it would take over our lives and leave us with as little of our will as possible so we wouldn’t mess up again. But it is our own feet that need to take us in the direction we need to go, because obedience is a high skill that God necessitates if we want his life. Whose will will you follow?

Your feet need to go where God directs. Your feet need to follow him. Your feet need to be still when he wants you to be still. Afterall, I’m sure it’s your feet that dance in victory when you’re happy.

Though we are encased with his anointing it is still up to us to carry out the will of the Father. It won’t do the actions for us. When you put olive oil into a pan it is to help to cook the meat. It’s the meat that you’re focused on, not the helping agent.

There are many analogies: a car, a bike, release something that’s stuck. What is your oil from the horn designed to help you complete?

Once, this spiritual body was dead, naked, dirty and bloody, but God awakened you, cleaned you, washed you, clothed you with gifts, armor and purpose.

God’s hand has completed the turn, the flask is empty, the last drop oozes down. This unique blessing has been poured out from head to shoulders to knees to toes, not as a dampening agent but for empowerment. Remember the “carrot is still a carrot”? God chose you. Think of how awesome that is.

Live this life in his anointing.

You are soaked. Your hands are dripping, your feet are dripping, and this is where life, painted in glory, begins.

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