Posted by: rena | July 27, 2010


When all is finished God wants you to be in a certain place and his anointing on your life will take you there.

The blessing comes with much help if you use those knees for kneeling in prayer. We’ve all sidetracked and tried to take the road that appeared easier, because, let’s face it, we get tired, and oftentimes we want to give in altogether.

There’s shame in saying that your knees buckle, but there shouldn’t be. Anyone who’s been on this road knows all about that feeling, those injuries, we’re just sometimes shy to show the scars. But scars we have.

At the writing of this, mine are fresh.

As a singer, songwriter, worship leader, and musician, I went through a depression of faith that went past knocking me to my knees, it knocked me off of my knees. There was a point where I didn’t want music anymore—all the artisans gasp. But I truly I wasn’t interested in music. Hearing people talk about God was annoying, even though I always felt him there, stable, firm, patient, giving leeway for me to realize there was nothing out in the world for me; anchoring me—because, he would never let us get too far.

I don’t want anyone to feel how I felt, but God forbid you reach there, remember that God remains an imposing presence in your life. Grant him sovereignty in your life, trust him to hold your heart again, for what he’d started, he will inevitably finish. And prayer to stay in the right direction, even when he hasn’t given a marker for a while, is very important.

It takes a lot to gain strength in the knees again—the legs, the thighs—but you know it is needed just as much as the shoulders, if you are going to carry the responsibility of this life. You can’t get up unless you regain the power. And from experience, I know the potency doesn’t feel like it’s coming, but I’ve gotten up anyway, and taken my tentative steps, learning and growing how to function with my new limbs.

The oil really is a healing balm, let it run down to reinforce the thighs, the knee joints, the calves, the ankles. It continues to run down, effervescent to you, spreading to your feet …

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