Posted by: rena | March 27, 2010

Head II

His arm turns and something amazing is about to pour out onto your life. In Luke 18:41, Jesus asks, What wilt though that I shall do unto thee? Jesus didn’t ask what he could do for him, but he expressed he was going to present something unto his life.

A carrot is still a carrot, a beet is still a beet and a potato is still a potato. In other words, you’re still going to call them what they are before you pull them out of the dirt, nothing changes their reality after you’ve washed off all the mud. In the mire, in the muck, among the stones, God saw you. He said he wanted you. He knows what he planted and knows exactly what it will produce.

Get ready.

It’s on your head. The head, the head. The command center and leader of everything. All orders, experiences and blessings must first hit the head. The head, because anything reaching the head will trickle down. The head, because if anything is going to happen to the body, the head must tell the body how to answer.

Know that what you have pouring and smeared all over your head is designed by God. Man can’t give you this elevation. Everyone who has accomplished something great or has a great gift, has given credit to a higher power, whether they say it’s the Lord or not; lending credit that, as they are limited, they were given abilities from some thing or some one greater.

They had a dream and a vision in their minds that they realized. In the mind, if you can think it you can accomplish it. Herein is your battlefield and school of reason. What the head conceives to accomplish, the body will consummate. The head hears the word of the Lord—physically or spiritually. The head holds the eyes so you can envision what is set before you. It takes time for a vision or dream to come to pass, but only an instant for them to last forever. How many things do you do that impact the physical world with family, friends, strangers? Our lives should be attracting people to the kingdom, and that is what is everlasting.


Your shoulders are being anointed to carry the weight that has come with this new responsibility …

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