Posted by: rena | February 27, 2010


Now that I’ve recovered from a computer virus, let’s look at something else you want to keep a virus out of; your body; the spiritual body. And we know there is a balm, an ointment, an anointing.

Saturated for Service (posted Dec 2008), “Let’s look at one definition of anointing. After Jesus’ resurrection, many of his followers were called Christians. Christian means “Christ-like” and Christ is “His Anointed One.” The Hebrew word chrio is used, and is in reference to smearing only human vessels with oil, as when setting aside priests, prophets and kings for service. (Ex 28:41, 1 Sam 10:1, 1 Kings 19:16) …

… This particular mixture of oils was not to be duplicated. It was for God’s anointed alone, and was a pleasing, aromatic fragrance. Anyone who tried to replicate it would be excommunicated. You cannot replicate what the Holy Spirit endows.”

I like to think that when we worship God (as a lifestyle) it is a pleasing aroma to him.

His anointing flows down, and so we must start with the head. In God’s left hand (of servitude, judgement and command) is the horn. The heavy oil was mixed then sealed in the horn with wax, now cold and hardened, as it waited for the time through Time to be released upon you, just like when David was to be anointed as king. Only when it is above your head can it supernaturally flow, because it is mixed uniquely for you. And it will work specifically for you because it came from the left hand, it must serve, judge and obey his command.

His arm turns and something amazing is about to pour out onto your life. In Luke 18:41, Jesus asks, What wilt though that I shall do unto thee? I find it interesting that Jesus didn’t ask what he could do for him, but he expressed he was going to present something unto his life, implied it would be everlasting. Yes, the Father wants to endow you despite, in your human flaws, how dirty and grungy you are before this process.

A carrot is still a carrot, a beet is still a beet and a potato is still a potato. In other words, you’re still going to call them what they are before you pull them out of the dirt, nothing changes their reality after you’ve washed off all the mud. You’re still going to eat and say it was a carrot from start to finish. When you plant the seed you call it what it shall be. In the mire, in the muck, among the stones, God saw you. He said he wanted you. He knows what he planted and knows exactly what it will produce.

Get ready.

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