Posted by: rena | January 27, 2010

Back From Hiatus

Back from hiatus and it feels good.

I know I’m on the right track. For the past few weeks, the scriptures and topics that I’ve been studying, or the things I want to prepare for the blog, have all been voiced from the pulpit or during Bible studies at my local church.

Sometimes I say I’m not going to use certain things because people may think I’m just copying what the preacher said. But it’s really not what the preacher said. It may have come out of his or her mouth, but it’s really the Spirit of God relaying a message through them, and he doesn’t speak through just one person. God usually confirms things three times with me, so I’m not copying what man said, I’m helping to establish the foundation of what the Lord has laid.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of an old lady I saw several months ago. She was old, I don’t know how old, but at a guess, I would say late 80s. Four feet, some inches, Black; dare I say, feeble looking. I spotted her while I was riding the bus one night, and she was standing between a bus stop and a stoplight. I assume the bus driver thought she was waiting for the light to change and drove right on by.

I saw her face as we passed, her arm flap in disappointment at the prospect of having to walk or wait for another bus. The next stop was mine, and I wanted to know if she really was waiting for a bus, but since the stop was so far away, I couldn’t spot her. As I walked up the block to catch my transfer, I spotted the bus coming, and curiosity turned my head to where I saw Little-Old-Lady making a mad dash to catch this bus.

No way could she make it: the distance, her age, the darkness. I smiled. She was perseverant. I was the last to board the next bus, and told the driver that there was a little old lady coming, if he wanted to wait. “Where is she?” he asked. I turned and pointed; “Way across the parking lot.”

She didn’t slow down, she didn’t falter, whatever was driving her wouldn’t let her give up. I made my way to the back door, and was glad the young driver decided to wait. The look on his face was shock. Little-Old-Lady got on the bus and thanked him for waiting, for which he didn’t take credit, but said to thank the young lady. She took a seat, looked for a face to say thank you to, and finding none, just gave a grateful wave to the crowd.

I just stood stunned. Amazed. I never would have guessed that she could make the dash and not stop for breath. Not even gasping for air once she got on the bus. She was smaller than I had first thought, still looked feeble, but I had witnessed her great strength and stamina. I saw her achieve something people half her age couldn’t do.

It’s a small thing, but I will always remember it, how grateful she was to have caught the bus; and I think of when we are weak and feeble and timid, and feel like we’re not going to make it, how God becomes the source of our strength (II Samuel 22:29-35, Palms 18:2, Isaiah 35:3-6). Just as Elijah was able to outrun King Ahab’s chariot (I Kings 18:45-46), so we should have an expectancy to be girded up to run in the LORD.

Are you on hiatus? I know I haven’t tapped the surface of what’s really in my mind, but you know what; it’s always best to start running than to sit and do nothing, missing your opportunity. You never know who you’re going to bless. So be bold, be strong, my friends, for the LORD your God is with you, withersoever you go.

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  1. Great lesson. reminds me of the Casting Crown song I just posted on my blog. Hope you are doing well, my sister. Just saw the pic of us at the first writing conference in Guelph I went to!

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