Posted by: rena | June 27, 2009

A Stone For Every Giant

I have a small decorative jar on my entertainment stand—one that I’ve had for many years—that has the word Hope on it. The opposite side reminds me that all things are possible with God.

One day I looked at the jar, which I have filled with smooth stones, and thought of King David.

David had experience as a defender using his sling and stones, and also using his bare hands in combat with fierce enemies, but no one really talks about those battles. If David hadn’t won those battles, there would be no “David and Goliath” to speak of. He forged himself behind the scenes before any great battle was made public.

The things I go through, the hurts I feel, private battles I fight; what if … what if I were to empty my jar and put in a stone every time I won a battle? What if we all were to kept a tangible record every time we had a victory?

This isn’t a counting game, but a reminder every time we look at our jars: this is what the Lord has done. Many battles we face in private, even with the prayers of others, there are some things we must face, and prove God, alone.

These behind-the-scenes-battles can, at times, be lost in the shuffle of everyday life, and we forget the goodness of God. It feels like as soon as we finish one struggle and come up for air, another controversy presents itself. One after the other. One after the other. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.” Psalms 34:19.

Know that the Lord has brought you a mighty long way. Look at the stones in your jar. You may discover that he is doing more for you than you realized. Here’s a stone for a victory that God awarded you, here’s another for the prayer he caused to come to pass. One after the other. One after the other.

I’ve just emptied my jar. It’s no longer a decoration, but a documenter. It has one stone. And, as I fill it up I’m encouraged to have Hope in God, and that all things are possible with him.

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