Posted by: rena | April 27, 2009

Has the Church Moved?

I’ve asked myself some hard questions of late and realized that I’ve allowed the things around me to dictate how I act and react towards God. I thought that if Christians are to win the lost we need to sometimes lower our standard to accommodate or be able to relate to them.

No. We may come down to the level of others, but that doesn’t mean the Christian standard is lowered. If I’m on a cliff side helping someone up, one hand is anchored at a level above me as the other reaches down to take hold of that person. My standard didn’t lower, my reach did.

Jesus was among them (he spoke with anyone, cared about everyone) but he shared the standard of none of them; I am expected to be the same way by patterning.

Since when does winning the lost require that God’s people lower the God-standard? Just because we are trying to win the lost, that doesn’t mean we have to sound like them, look like them, smell like them. Some people are like that because they are just coming out of that place and they know how to relate, but their standards raise with time to the level God has set.

When Jesus went before the high priest, the people came to Peter and said that he sounded like Jesus. His speech betrayed him (being a Galilean), but many Galileans were in town so there was something special about Peter. This tells me that there was a certain way they behaved, spoke, carried themselves.

Where has that gone? Has the Church moved? Outward appearance and uttering Bible verses isn’t what this is about. It’s not what a man can convince is happening inside. Peter was trying everything not to be like Jesus, but Christ had come off on him.

Today we have the Bible to guide us and the Spirit who speaks to us. Has anyone silenced these two witnesses inside of you? Has anyone bewitched you (convinced you) that it doesn’t take this God-standard anymore? Hmm. Says who? Who made up the rules in the first place?

God did.

God made the rules and as far as he is concerned they haven’t changed It’s up to man to come to his standard. I thoroughly enjoy the age we live in, there are so many conveniences and luxuries, but that doesn’t mean anyone has a right to slack off on the requirements of the Kingdom.

In answering those hard questions I knew I had a lot of work to do. We all need to do it.

If the gates of hell can’t prevail against the Kingdom of God, then the Church has not moved, but we have moved from the definition of what the Church should be, and we are to be the Church. Let’s get back to it.

The God-standard stands.

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