Posted by: rena | February 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary

VizionStories Writes is one year old!


One year. Wow. 


I started blogging to share the gospel and encouragement, and to give you a different point of view and food for thought. The process has changed me, challenged me.


Also a year ago, I was recovering from Shingles. This was not a pleasant experience, and even less pleasant was the stress I went through which brought me to that point, but, God has been good; and recovery—physically, emotionally and spiritually—has been a learning experience. 

This has caused me to wonder what recoveries others experienced over the past year. What has caused you to take a deep breath, reset your thinking, and start over?


Don’t be afraid to start over if it is for the right reason. There are times when I wish I could reboot like I’m clearing my computer. I want a clean slate and I vow “I’ll never go though that again.” But somewhere inside I know I haven’t learned what I need to learn to continue, and if I did continue without graduating, the enemy would assault me, leaving me in a worse state than when I started. 


There are no do-overs in life, only start-overs. I pray whatever it is that has tested you over the past year, or may still be testing you, you will be able to endure so that next year that obstacle will be under your feet!


We can’t rush the process. What we can do is trust God and know that he knows how to work out whatever we are going through. That’s hard when he’s not standing in front of us, physically preventing us from trying to “take care of it ourselves” because we think he forgot how to do the job. 


We all know that in our minds we think that time is running out, even though God has brought us through similar situations. In the mind we think that we are the only ones experiencing these situations/thoughts/trials/burdens. If the enemy can bombard the operator of our understanding and reason (the mind), he will cause us to be confused, anxious, ignorant and unreasonable. When our faculty of reason is attacked, hasty and wrong decisions are made. Fear, pressure, hopelessness and the urgency to give in will inevitably take over.


Hindsight is 20/20, they say. We don’t have the luxury of hindsight when we are dead-smack in the middle of a situation, but God does. God sits on the circle of time, seeing all points of our lives, knowing our end. Has God been silent? Sometimes we look around and see everyone following a new revelation and we’re stuck with a word from years ago. You know what? Continue to do what God told you to do years ago. Abraham did, Joseph did, David did. God’s word didn’t change for them, they trusted him to deliver. You, like them, can say that you lived to see the reward from the Most High God. 


Recheck those circumstances and situations that cause you undue stress and worry. Too much stress and worry will lead to physical problems that you don’t need to deal with. Just follow the leader. Follow the Leader, and avoid the false start. One day, maybe not next year, but one day, you will be able to say to yourself, Happy Anniversary.



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  1. Hey Andi!
    Happy Anniversary! Just found a pic from that Word Guild conf. in Guelph with you, me and my budding novelist son. You’ve come quite a long way from then. I heartily congratulate you. This is a very thoughtful message and I agree with your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.
    Love, Sita

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