Posted by: rena | January 27, 2009

Saturated for Service II

Previously we discussed one of the terms of anointing: “Christian” defined as “Christ-like” and Christ is “His Anointed One” (chrio), referring to human vessels set aside for service, such as priests, prophets and kings (Jesus also being referred to as our priest, prophet and king).


We talked about the Father giving his Holy Spirit to teach us all things, that, with the Spirit, we are endued with power to carry out whatever task God has appointed; and also, it is the Spirit within you—saturating you—which defines you being anointed.


Chosen, smeared of God, priest, prophet, king, endued with his power, receiving the Holy Spirit. And yet, anointed people don’t always do anointed things. How can this be? Does God’s word return void? Did the Holy Spirit fail to do his part? When God called you did he make a mistake? No. Once it’s spoken, consider it an absolute. You can be given a shield and be instructed on how to protect yourself, but if you don’t hold it up, how do you expect not be injured?


This does not mean you’re not a soldier, only that you need to gain knowledge on how to prevent that breach from happening again. It also does not negate the fact that what you hold in your hand is still a shield.


What you hold is designed to give you power, to shield you, but instruction and skill take time. Many people are anointed to do a job that will not manifest itself for years, but they know what they are called to do; they study, learn and receive understanding of the calling many years before they actually sit in the office.


Take David, for example. He had skill and passion in watching his father’s sheep. He was anointed to be king more than a decade before he actually sat on the thrown. In that time was practice on how to transit from sheep to people. He perfected his warrior skills, his praising skills, and his leadership skills.


You are blessed with skills, so know that God has called you into a certain area. What are you practicing? Your transit depends on how you’re holding your covering. Your skills and integrity will be attacked, nevertheless, God’s Word—and anointing—were sent to you. Use it wisely through exercise and training. Work according to how your anointing is intended to work in you.


Whatsoever he has called you to, do it with all your might and passion, for you are saturated for service.

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  1. I’ve just stumbled on your blog and I like what I have read. I enjoy your pure heart for God. Thanks for sharing!

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