Posted by: rena | October 11, 2008

No Man Shall See the LORD

Recently someone was reflecting on Heb 12:14 and said, “We need to live holy, because without holiness no man can see God.”


…that struck me. I was fascinated, only because, for some reason, I heard it resonate in a different way.


Can you see God in me? If I am not holy, God will not and indeed, cannot, be evident in me; I cannot comprehend (realize, figure out, discern, see or know) for myself, the greatness of God or the reality of him.


No one else will be able to see God in me either. The bible speaks about people not being able to see because they are blind in their minds. Some don’t want to perceive or accept the reality, more often than not, this is the choice of the individual, for a man who seeks God will always find him.


After our initial confession and accepting God as our Savior, we know that God is real. We are sanctified and justified by the Holy Spirit who allows us to recognize and communicate with God on this basis. It’s not us revealing God, but him revealing himself to us through a holy relationship. A holiness relationship. Now we can see him through the revelation of the Spirit.


If the relationship is severed, the individual is no longer living by the conditions of holiness, and cannot perceive the things of God. This is God’s holiness, it’s not something man has engineered or generated to reach God, it is an extension of God that we attach ourselves to in order to survive.


A person who strayed has disconnected and needs to come again to a place where they choose to live a holy life in order to see clearly. Rom 6:19b talks about how we once gave ourselves over to unrighteous living, but now must yield ourselves to holiness. God even chastens, or disciplines, us so that we can remain in holiness (Heb 12:7-10).


Only a holy life can commune in the presence of a holy God.


When you reflect on your life and know you’re living holily, you should see God at work. When others look at you, they should see, not holiness, but God who reigns in it. That’s the correlation.


We can’t see holiness, only the Lord can; but without it, no man can see the Lord.



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