Posted by: rena | May 27, 2008


I recently read an article in which a woman stated she was an atheist, becoming so after the death of a close friend. It is sad to know that someone will give up on God because of one event.


There may have been extenuating circumstances and to her this was the last straw. Perhaps the woman had prayed and prayed, believing without a doubt that her friend would be healed, proving the power of God. And, when that didn’t happen she didn’t want to expect anything more for fear of being hurt again.


What circumstances have caused you to step back?


Do you choose not to hope because of undesired past experiences and hurt? Hope can never really be lost, but can be discarded or resolved. Hope is described as looking at a situation with confidence and expectation that it will turn out in our favour. We have the choice to discard the expectation, not wanting to be subject one way or the other “just in case” it doesn’t work out; or, it is resolved, whether or not that resolution is in our favour; but rest assured, there is always an outcome.


The problems in not wanting to believe in something come about when issues not resolved as we’d like prompt us to stop having hope.


Can you imagine living like that? Faith is the substance of things hoped for. If we don’t hope for something then we have no faith, for it defines the parameters to solidify our desires. That means hope comes before faith, it is the layer of the foundation, although everyone probably says that they have faith. What kind?


I think it’s safe to say that most people reading this believe there is a God. However, there is more than one type of faith. We can have faith that God exists (because man hopes and desires for a being more powerful than himself), but there are those who don’t possess faith that he will fulfill that which he said he would do. For those people, the existence of God does not equal the promises of God. They may argue, “He couldn’t have said that,” or “There’s no way God will do that for me,” or maybe, “That’s a big step, there’s no way that can happen.” Know that when we fail to have faith in his promises, that that is truly a hopeless life.


It is not enough just to know that God exists, for we must survive by every word he speaks. Be careful not to let a problem sway the mind to doubt what he has said. When situations don’t turn out the way we expect—I pray it will not drive any to the extreme of becoming an atheist—we need to still stand firm in the promises of God.


If you are not comfortable with your view on his Word, seek a closer relationship with him. The closer you are to a person, a good person, the more you trust them. God is immeasurably better.


In God, there is always something to hope for. If you are hurt by an unexpected outcome, take the hope that you have the strength to make it through the disappointment, and you know what, you will. A simple thing to say, we all know it’s easier said than done, but just because something isn’t easy, that does not mean it’s impossible.


So, think again, what circumstances have caused you to step back?


Remember this word the next time you are faced with a challenge, and don’t give up on hope, your faith is counting on it.





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