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I was determined to launch this blog with an introductory prose of God’s story, the way he created the universe, life. Things changed.


My church starts off each calendar year in prayer and fasting, this year focusing on “The Evidence and Benefits of Sonship”. The fast has finished, although the focus continues, but as I prepared for morning service, a sermon came on the television discussing being a son.


“Okay, this fits right in with what I want to do further down the road,” I thought, but was soon persuaded within myself that the time to discuss it was now. Sonship. What does it mean? How do we carry it? The thoughts and the answer flew by in my mind in a fraction of a second.


A son is obedient, and is lead by the divine guidance of the Father, and I knew there was no better way to introduce VizionStories Writes than with the father/son relationship.


Romans 8:14 tells us that as long as we are living after the Spirit of God (who has made our spirits alive), that we are the sons of God. “Living after the Spirit” means that before being in a relationship with God, we (man) were inactive, in other words, the spirit of man’s body-soul-spirit structure was dead. The Spirit of God made our spirits alive, so therefore, we are truly alive. This life urges us to pursue, or, live after the Spirit, following his choices, direction and truth willingly.


To be truly alive? We have that hope and that assurance now, in this day, at this time, on this earth. Romans further goes on to say, in vs. 23 that the our spirits are groaning within us, waiting for the day when we can drop these robes of flesh (our natural bodies), and seal the contract of adoption. This means that there is an end goal to living after the Spirit.


Ladies, it’s like you’ve been in heels all day; men, you’ve been put through the wringer and stressed, and all everyone wants to do is get home and relax, get the knots out, get a massage, sleep. Not think about the day. Nature is waiting for us to realize this end. Yes, there is a definite end reward to being God’s son.


We should take note that God does not define “female” when referring to his children as sons. …there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus, Gal. 3:28. There is no hierarchy that he follows, we are all cherished sons.


Because we are defined as sons we have the power to reproduce and carry on the DNA of God in others, knowing it is not us, but the Father that works through us in the person of his Spirit. DNA determines “Who’s your daddy!”


Sons receive the inheritance. What inheritance? They are the gifts of God, and we possess them at this time, we have the joy, the richness, authority, hope, the abundant and everlasting life.


The end of Galatians chapter three through to the first part of chapter four tells us that we are the lords of all. This earth (Gen 1:28). This is the heritage—inheritance—that the Lord has given us. We must recognize, though, that a benefit is more than receiving something of personal or financial value. With this inheritance comes the commission to preach the Word of God, be living testimonies, and to convert nations.


Types of father/son relationships found in the bible are:
Moses to Joshua – Ex. 14:14; 24:13
Saul to David – 1 Sam. 16:21-22
Elijah to Elisha – 2 Kgs. 2:14
Mordecai to Esther – Esther 2:7
Paul to Titus and Timothy – 1 Tim. 1:2; Titus 1:4


As beneficiaries, these sons used the positions their fathers had given, and what they inherited, to benefit others. Are you a son? Are you alive and being lead by the Spirit of God? Are you using your inheritance to cause others to be beneficiaries? I hope so, for I would like you all to reap the rewards and benefits of being a son. The Father has so much in store for you.

— — —

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Our next topic will outline the crime of disinheritance.




–Can you imagine your father looking you in the eye and saying, “You are dead to me. I disown you,” and then turning his back?–


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  1. The spirit of the father
    We have two notable fathers – son relationship in the Old Testament Moses and Elijah. Moses laid hands first on seventy elders on whom the Spirit of the Lord fell. Later he laid hands on Joshua, whose name is the Hebrew version of Jesus. Joshua then became his successor and carried on his work.
    Similarly when Elijah departed to heaven in a chariot of fire, his mantle fell on Elisha. Everyone knew that the spirit of Elijah had come upon Elisha who went on to perform twice as many miracles as Elijah had done. Sometimes sons don’t do as much as their father but in the case of Joshua and Elisha they did more than their father. Joshua lead Israel into the promise land and they obtain the inheritance of their father, Elisha went on to start the school of the prophets (2 Kings 4:1) which means that he was instrumental in the continuation and the development of his father’s prophetic ministry and the work his father Elijah had started.
    We are called to continue the work of our father which Jesus started; he came that we might have the DNA of God and the ability to reproduce righteous sons in the kingdom through the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us ‘It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper (the Holy Spirit) will not come to you …’ (John 16: 7).
    The ability to reproduction is in the seed, and the seed is the word of God which we carry. When the sons of God move into manifestation, they will birth sons for God and not draw people into dependence on themselves; and they will be able to depart like Jesus and impart their spirit to those who come after.

  2. A solid exposition on our sonship, Andi. And a clear challenge to share the benefits of our inheritance in Jesus’ name.

    Lovelace St. John’s piece is very good, indeed.

    May the Lord make your blog to be all that He has purposed for His Kingdom’s sake and His glory.


  3. You wrote:
    “We must recognize, though, that a benefit is more than receiving something of personal or financial value. With this inheritance comes the commission to preach the Word of God, be living testimonies, and to convert nations.”

    Amen to that!

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